There's No Such Thing as ''Peace of Mind''

There's No Such Thing as ''Peace of Mind''

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(There Is Only Peace if You're Out of Your Mind)

This book explores the history of the human brain, including the fact that for millions of years, human and human-like beings functioned without any mind. The book uncovers the ways that the brain evolved over the ages and developed an ability to store and retrieve memories. It then shows how the original memories were used constructively but how programming and conditioning changed all that and created a "mind" that most often overrules the brain and generates relative-existence harm and destruction. 

Similarly, the book shows the way that personality develops during childhood as a means for survival and adaptation but later becomes a liability when those childhood personality traits continue to drive adult thinking and behavior. 

Ultimately, the book shows why Advaitin sages for centuries have correctly identified the "problems of the planet" as being rooted in body-mind-personality identification and offers suggestions for being free of all of that nonsense via Realization. 

Excerpts from PEACE OF MIND 


Most persons will never reach a point where they are awake enough to even ask the questions that indicate they know that they have no "peace of mind." Some will ask one or more of the following: "How can I attain peace of mind?" "Why is my mind constantly in motion?" "Why do I start thinking about one thing and get hung up on that?" "Why does my mind sometimes feel as if there's the chatter of a thousand monkeys going on inside my head?" "How can I purify my mind and get rid of all the troublesome things that fill it all day long?" "Why can't I stop my mind at night and go to sleep and stay asleep until morning?" 

The answers will be provided in this book. Best regards on your "journey" as you seek them. 


"MIND" and MEMORIES: When Nature's "Assets" Become Warped into "Liabilities" 

"Consciousness is rooted in the Absolute. The brain is rooted in the elements. The 'mind' is rooted in wrong programming and faulty conditioning and lies and concepts and ideas and superstitions and falsehoods. Personas are rooted in programmed minds and are sustained by the ego-based lies and by the learned ignorance that are being taught in most modern cultures." 

At the root of all relative existence problems involving persons is this: that which was one of nature's assets (the formation of a mind after the brain evolved and developed the ability to store memories) has been warped into an unnatural or supernatural liability. While no Advaitins would suggest that seekers must learn science in order to Realize, Maharaj did say that someday science would advance enough to catch up with the Advaita understanding and validate scientifically the philosophical Teachings. He was correct, so please bear with this approach that might resonate with some. 

The smaller human brain, in its earlier and simpler stages of development, allowed humans then to live as deer live today: hunt/forage/find food for survival; interact; take actions that are self-defensive and self-constructive; and procreate in order that the species will survive. As more and more humans walked the planet, the simplicity of existence would be lost as the simplicity of the brain was lost. 

Complications resulted because of an increase in human interactions (and an increase in both individual as well as tribal interests and agendas). The brain began to evolve in order to compensate, and eventually areas that could store memories came into being. At that point, the mind and the brain worked in tandem and in harmony to contribute to the survival of individuals and the species. The mind came about as "memories" began to be stored. As a part of the defense mechanisms for survival of the species, the mind had its role and played it "properly" (naturally) for thousands of years. 

For example, if a caveman remembered that his companion fell from a cliff and died as a result, the caveman might avoid falling from cliffs. The original process was as follows: over a period of evolution, the brain expanded to include a cerebral cortex and a hippocampus. Afterwards, when an event happened (such as a human falling off a cliff) or when someone learned something (such as, "falling off a cliff can kill you"), the brain placed the memory of that event and the related knowledge acquisition in its "memory files." That is all the mind was: a collection of memories filed away in those "newer" parts of the brain. 

The memory of both old and new happenings would be processed and stored away in different areas of the cerebral cortex, or the "gray matter" of the brain. The hippocampus would process the memories. (As a side note in that regard, a disease receiving considerable attention nowadays-Alzheimer's-comes about when the hippocampus is damaged, resulting in...what else...memory loss. Is it not interesting that one who might have been a fighter for years and who loved chaos suddenly becomes peaceful when the ability to tap into dualistic memories is lost? Witness the way that the ability to remember dualistic concepts and dogma are now the curse of the planet, relatively speaking.) 

Over a period of time, language developed which allowed controlling men with hidden, personal agendas to dream up concepts and teach those ideas to others who could-by that point-remember them. The overabundance of dualistic concepts and beliefs and dogma (which were destructive and separatist in nature) began to outnumber the earlier class of memories that were survival-related. 

It was one thing for the caveman to "feel bad" if the fish that was going to feed him and his family that day happened to get away. Such feelings are natural. It is quite another thing when modern persons-as a result of living under the auspices of a warped, dualistic "mind"-truly believe that they should feel "bad" when they do things that are also natural, such as masturbation or fornication. It is one thing for the caveman to feel "good" when he killed a deer for supper. It is quite another thing when a modern person, as a result of a warped, dualistic "mind," feels "good" if he kills another human who has different religious beliefs filed away in the storage areas of the brain. 

Now, because of the warped dualistic "mind," persons feel "good" if they beat their "bad" children or if they whip a wife who flashed a bit of ankle in public. As the "mind" formed, it allowed a class of beliefs and concepts to be accumulated that no longer contribute to the survival of the species but that have become a driving factor in the perversion of interactions and the destruction of humans by humans. Dualistic thinking was born, and all of the horrors of the relative existence began. Prior to attachment to dualistic beliefs, early tribal fights might deal with water rights. After the "mind" quit working in tandem and in harmony with the brain, it began to overrule the brain. Thereafter, fighting dealt far less with survival issues and far more with conflicts over differing beliefs and concepts. 

Those fights/wars would eventually result in the killing of more humans that anything other than natural causes: political wars; religious wars; holocausts; the invasion of continents and the decimation of native populations; and acts of racial, ethnic and religious genocide. Dual-mindedness had begun, and the persons of the planet are still bound in its grip. It is now at the root of everything called "evil," and the accuracy of the words of the Advaitin teacher of 2000 years ago (who said that "A dual-minded person is unstable in all ways") are proving to be as factual today as in 30 A.D. 


"MIND" and MEMORIES: When Nature's "Assets" Become Warped into "Liabilities" 

So, it can be seen that the term "the mind" is just a name given to a set of files. Originally those files were stored in the brain (as what would come to be called "memories") so that the file information could be retrieved if needed in order to help humans survive dangerous situations (i.e., "Remember when the fellow in the next cave thought he was picking up a stick and it was a snake. Check more carefully.") It can be seen that now the "mind" has been so distorted that the persons of the planet believe that a rope is a snake. 

Those files/memories are so contaminated with distortions, misperceptions, dogma and all other kinds of lies that the "mind" can no longer serve its original purpose. Where it was intended by nature to work with the rest of the brain to avoid destruction, in its present condition, the typical "mind" is generating more destruction and chaos than survival and peace. It is one thing to remember that a snake which looks like a stick can kill you; it is something else to remember dualistic messages that include: "We're better than all others on the planet because we live in the greatest country on earth," or "It's OK to attack or kill those who have been taught the tenets of a religion that is different from your religion," or "People with that skin color are all ignorant and criminal." 

It can be seen, therefore, that the current, distorted state of the modern "mind" came about after languages and personal agendas developed which enabled persons to begin teaching dualistic concepts. After that occurred, persons used languages to pass on as fact an entire body of lies, lies that were not based in actual happenings or fact at all (things such as beliefs, ideas, myths, superstitions, dogma, theories, attitudes, "spiritual knowledge," religious "knowledge," concepts, false identities, etc.) It can be seen that the distortions being stored nowadays as remembered lessons/memories are not memories that can be used for survival but are corruptions that are driving conduct that is destructive, self-destructive, and detrimental to both peace and survival. 

As a result of the distorted concepts and beliefs that are currently being stored in what is called the "mind," nature's intent has been invalidated. That original storehouse of files in the brain which was intended by nature to work with the rest of the brain to guide the body to behave in a natural fashion, is now resulting in the body being guided by a warped "mind" that generates unnatural "thinking" and conduct and supernatural "thinking" and conduct. 

Nowadays, memories are not being retrieved from the mind to avoid dangerous animals or the precarious edges of cliffs but are generating dualistic "thoughts" such as, "They are ignorant...we are smart"; "I am good, but they are bad"; "I deserve reward but they deserve punishment"; "I heard a God in another world tell me to drop bombs on people in this world"; "I am going to destroy you (or "reject you" or "leave you" or "punish you") because you have said things and done things that are different from what I wanted you to say and do"; or, "You can't be're different from me." 

Now, a natural mind no longer works with a natural brain to generate natural living. Instead, the content of the typical "mind" today generates a style of living that is more often unnatural (meaning characterized by delusional "thinking") and that is very often supernatural (meaning characterized by magical "thinking"). The "thoughts" behind both of those types of "thinking" are rooted in duality, and dualistic "thinking" is at the core of anything considered a dilemma or problem or crisis in the relative existence. 

Whereas the brain is "wired" for self-constructive behavior, the modern "mind" is now "wired" for self-destructive behavior because of the vast pool of learned ignorance that is being passed on to (and accepted as truth by) billions of persons, their level of education or intelligence notwithstanding. Because behavior is now being controlled by the bogus, programmed "mind" more than the brain, the personalized, individualized "mind" is able to inspire persons to destruct and self-destruct in opposition to the self-constructive actions that a normal brain would guide an organism to take. 

So a shift in what was typical and "normal" human behavior happened as the brain evolved over thousands of years: the development of the brain's capacity to store memories, and to retrieve memories from storage, was followed by the development of language. The development of language was followed by the teaching of dualistic concepts. Those dualistic teachings have resulted in the contemporary "mind" which is nothing more than a repository of lies. Those lies/false beliefs generate a sense of separation and the judgmental labeling of persons as "bad," "immoral," "wrong," ad infinitum. Now, because of the warped, dualistic "mind," persons truly believe that they are "bad" (or they are labeled as "bad") if they believe in vaginal births but refuse to believe in a virginal birth. 

They feel they are "bad" (or they are labeled as "bad") if they are repelled by descriptions of a god who was a mass murderer. Now, because of the warped, dualistic "mind," persons truly believe that they are "bad" (or they are labeled as "bad") if they don't care to participate in a rite of worship called "communion" that reenacts ancient rites of cannibalism and vampirism. They can feel they are "bad" (or at the very least, "not as good as") if they have not been dunked or sprinkled with water that some claim is "holy." 

Now, because of the warped, dualistic "mind," persons truly believe that killers are "good" if they kill people whose stored files contain information that differs from the killers' stored files. The insanity that currently dominates the planet (as a result of the warped "mind" that takes duality to be real) is pervasive, and the majority of the dualistic beliefs which have had the most vicious results have been dreamed up and passed down by members of one specific institution over the last 5000 years. 

"Brain-washing" is an inaccurate term. "Brain-trashing" is what has been happening for many millennia now, inspiring the call for a complete "brain-flush" now. Why? The institution that has been touting dual-mindedness for thousand of years has been joined by programmed parents and conditioned teachers and acculturated politicians and by various other sources in the global pursuit of training persons to accept as fact the seemingly endless supply of dualistic lies. The concepts that need to be eliminated from the "mind" via a brain-flush should be obvious. The purging of belief in all dualities begins with questioning it all and continues with the discarding of all learned ignorance in order to then be free. 

eBOOK SPECIFICATIONS: 98 pages; Publisher: Henderson Books; Language: English. 

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