The Final Understanding

The Final Understanding

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A series of books by the author offer the following:

1. An opportunity for seekers to be guided through the seven-step "journey" from identification with the false "I" (via the content of the book FROM THE I TO THE ABSOLUTE) and to move beyond The Seven Degrees of Separation from Reality";

2. An opportunity to understand the nature of Reality Beyond Self-Realization (with the content of the book CONSCIOUSNESS / AWARENESS); and

3. An opportunity to understand that which was prior to the Absolute, namely, The Void, the Nothingness.

To reach all three of those levels of understanding is to allow the seeker to grasp Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj's pointer that "wisdom is knowing that I am nothing."

For most seekers, the "journey" ends when they reach the third of seven steps as they move along the first-stage "path," specifically, the point at which they adopt a new persona ("The Spiritual One") and then never move any further.

There, Maharaj said, they engage in what he called "kindergarten-level spirituality" and they "mistake the dawn for the noonday sun." Only a few will truly understand the distinction between the consciousness and the awareness, and fewer still will be willing to abandon the notion that now they are Really Something and to consider the ultimate freedom of The Nothingness.

The book THE FINAL UNDERSTANDING is only for the few that are willing to consider that there is far more to grasp after having reached the third, spiritual step (which will only move them into the dim light of dawn"; for the few that have the slightest awareness that the brighter light of the full noonday sun awaits; and for the few that have some sense that the freedom and peace which come with abandonment of the notion that they are Really Something will allow for the full shift into the no-concept, no-identity, non-dual Reality.

In THE FINAL UNDERSTANDING, the author discusses:

A. The myths of a "Prior Me" and a "Post-Manifestation Me";

B. The myths of "You-ness," "Me-ness," and "Them-ness";

C. Krishna's pointers about that which is beyond the beingness and the non-beingness;

D. Abandonment of "the personal" and "The Personal" and an understanding of Presence instead;

E. The composite unity (elements, breath, conscious-energy);

F. The sixteen shifts in awareness which must happen in a step-wise fashion for misunderstandings to be abandoned and for the final understanding to manifest;

G. The pointers about religion and spirituality that were offered by Maharaj which allow seekers (who are trapped at the third step while playing their "new and improved persona or personas") to move along the entire "path" and then reach the final understanding;

H. A distinction between supernatural, unnatural, and nisarga (natural) living;

and much more.

eBOOK SPECIFICATIONS: 42 pages; Publisher: Henderson Books; Language: English.

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